Flavours and Wines of Friuli 

Food&Wine traditions and ancient passions make this place an ideal destination for demanding tastes

Flavours and Wines of Friuli 

Pordenone and its territory are part of a small region, Friuli, a unique place for those who love good food.
Here the Italian gastronomic tradition meets Mittel-European suggestions.
The strong mountain flavors are accompanied by the delicacy of the sea dishes.
The vines grow in most of the region, producing inimitable scents and flavors.


A trip to Friuli Venezia Giulia and the excellent restaurants of the Pordenone area must include typical dishes with ancient origins: frico, a cheese and potato pie; cjarsons, handmade sweet ravioli; risotto with sclopit (with silene, a spontaneous herb that can be easily found) and tiramisu, “contended” for a long time between Friuli and Veneto and officially declared Friulian only in 2017.

A trip to Friuli Venezia Giulia also recalls the tradition and passion for some famous products all over the world.
The tasty ham of San Daniele, the speck of Sauris, the Montasio, the rose of Gorizia, the formadi Frant, the red onion of Cavasso and many others including the Pitina, a cold cut of Val Tramontina, a Slow Food product.


prosciutto crudo di San Daniele

This journey also leads us to the discovery of family vineyards where the art of wine is proudly handed down from generation to generation and gives life to extraordinary varieties famous all over the world including the Friulano, the Refosco, the yellow Ribolla, the Vitovska. An explosion of colors and fragrances scattered between the Collio, the Colli Orientali, the Grave pordenonesi and the Carso, four areas of wine production within a short distance from each other.

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