Voices from the Great War

This moving tour will lead us through the Great War battlefields and monumental cemeteries, in an emotional journey in our own past.

Programma giornaliero

This moving tour, that will lead us through the Great War battlefields, begins from the Montello area, where you can visit the First World War Memorial in Nervesa, overlooking the “sacred river” Piave. Lunch to follow in an excellent agriturismo, and then walk around the Giavera English cemetery, a very evocative and intimate place. Then, we will stop at Francesco Baracca monument, that celebrates this great Italian pilot, learning more about his legendary deeds, and at the Jonathan Collection, located along the river, that presents a landing strip and several historical airplanes. Dinner and overnight.

In the morning let’s visit Clauzetto, where we can visit a small military cemetery, together with some of the most beautiful views over Friuli. Then let’s move on and visit Ragogna, a strategically important location during the war, where we will visit the local Great War museum, that reminds us of the Italian heroic defense. Trespassing Pinzano Bridge we will then reach an ossuary, conceived in 1937 and not finished, that should have celebrated the remains of 30.000 German and Austrian soldiers. Lunch in an excellent ham factory in San Daniele to taste local delicious products. In the afternoon let’s go to Pordenone, where it will be possible to visit the first Italian aviation school, that was particularly active during First World War.

Today we discover Casarsa armory, and we learn some important information about the bridges explosions on the river Tagliamento that followed Caporetto battle in 1917. In the nearby village of San Vito al Tagliamento it is still possible to visit a former bomb shelter, and a Palace, Palazzo Rota, where the Austrian army lived during that tumultuous period. Lunch in a local restaurant and in the afternoon visit of Zamparini collection in Camino al Tagliamento: this is a private collection showing weapons and relics from that time.

The last Great War tour includes Vittorio Veneto, where a guided tour will make you discover this pivotal location: here, a great battle of 57 Italian divisions, 2 British divisions, 1 French divisions, 1 Czech division and 1 American division against 73 Austrian divisions. Lunch in a wonderful castle overlooking the surrounding hills. In the afternoon visit of Follina, with its historical abbey and its Austrian war cemetery.


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