Only a few metres from its source, the river Arzino drops over a series of waterfalls, surrounded by beech forests and with numerous pools for a dip. But continue a few kilometres downstream to find mesmerising gorges where you can swim between white curved rocks, beautifully crafted by the river and perfect for snorkelling. The water is incredibly clear and has a luminous azure hue. A huge sloping rock provides a place to sunbathe beside a deep pool. Financial Time

This is how one of the most prestigious English newspapers describes a magical corner of our territory. A small jewel, not far from Pordenone (only 45 km), jealously kept within a green wood of beech trees.

These magical pools have always been here, but not many people decided to stop on the way, and to follow the short path leading to this fairytale location. Things changed when a writer from Brescia (northern Italy), working for the Financial Times, stopped in Val d’Arzino to collect materials for its new guide Wild Swimming Italia, a manual to spot rural and wild landscapes with natural pools, lakes and waterfalls. When he found the area called “Cerdevol Curnila”, he was speechless: this surely was one of the wildest and most fascinating swimming areas in Europe, and he included it in his guide.

Well, the social media echo was so unexepected and quick, that arrivals in this area doubled in 2016! But how can you find this magical place? Between Pielungo and San Francesco in Val d’Arzino follow the SP1 and, when reaching the fork leading to Pielungo, stay on the right. After 200 metres you will find some parking lots and the inscription “Curnila”. In 5 minutes you will reach the pools.

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