Sesto al Reghena, have you ever heard of it? We are not going to bother you by mentioning the long and prestigious history of one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy (Borghi più Belli d’Italia); we are not going into a detailed description of its cultural highlights (any guide can answer to your questions about them)… instead, we are going to mention some excellent reasons to visit this charming and quaint destination.
‘Cause definitely, Sesto al Reghena is worth a visit, and here you can read why we love this place:

1) Santa Maria in Sylvis Abbey, defined as “marvelous” by Vittorio Sgarbi, the most famous Italian art historian. This religious building is the main reason to visit Sesto al Reghena for all the art lovers: it is a rare Romanesque architecture jewel, a mix of towers, porticoes, ruins and quaint squares, well known in Europe and dating back to the 8th century a.d, rich in 13th-century frescoes.

Besides, a mystery lies behind this historical abbey, as the website says:

In the vestibule you can admire some 15th century frescoes, where crowned women are the main protagonists. Their role is a bit mysterious: they can not be saints or martyrs since they do not have any  halos. One of them is on her knees, while another one has her arms crossed over her chest and contemplates Jesus’ face, that is visible from a cloud.  The latter provokes many questions we can not ignore. This is not an ordinary fresco. […]

If we carefully observe this fresco, we infer there is a deep connection between Jesus and the crowned woman, an almost… romantic connection. This woman looks at Jesus with a passionate look, with a smile provoked by love. In the meantime, Jesus is not triumphing among lights and angels: conversely, he is alone. And he casts a sidelong glance, as he was doing something forbidden. Their gazes are those of two “partners in crime”, sharing some secrets, and silently speaking thus preventing us from hearing.

2) Sexto Unplugged , known everywhere in Italy and internationally, is the most glamorous summer event and one of the most famous music festivals in the whole North-Eastern area of the country. It includes international artists presenting unique and exclusive performances, usually unplugged or acoustic, that perfectly adapt to the place’s sacred atmosphere. The last edition hosted well-known artists such as Mark Lanegan, Austra, Dillon, Air, Benjamin Clementine and Trentemøller.

3) Sexto Vintage This festival was born in 2011 and takes place in Sesto al Reghena old town every year, recreating the atmosphere of the 50s and 60s, when Rock ‘n’ Roll exploded in the Western World with Jerry Lee Lewis, Sonny West, Elvis Presley. Sounds, entertainment, atmosphere, vintage markets: the village is completely transformed into a rocking area for a long weekend, where famous musicians, singers, dancers and djs bring the Rock ‘n Roll back on center stage. A huge vintage open-air market selling clothing and accessories fills the streets of Sesto al Reghena: concerts, dance classes, exhibitions, dj-sets and delicious local food complete the extraordinary offer of the festival.

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