Reflections, trekking paths and Meteorites: walking around Barcis Lake

The lake: its patience is stronger than its desire to reach the sea (Fabrizio Caramagna)

There is a fairytale location, surrounded by the Friulian Dolomites, located 40 minutes far from Pordenone, that bewitches all those walking along its shores: it’s Barcis lake, an environmental jewel with emerald reflections. This artificial lake, created in 1954, offers evocative glimpses in every season. From clear spring days to warm summer afternoons, where to look for some relief from the heat, to autumn, where trees ‘colors play a major role, to winter snowfalls that make the landscape even more magical.

Start with a pleasant walk along the lakefront, suitable for everyone and perfect for families looking for easy excursions.  Park in Barcis village, where you will find several parking lots and a caravan area, and do not miss Centi Palace, presenting refined Venetian arches. Follow the pedestrian path along the lakefront and reach a spectacular boardwalk, admiring the river Cellina, the lake’s affluent: here a selfie is a must! Reaching the opposite lakeside, take the Alpini trail, around 1 km long, running along the blue waters, that will bring you in a fairytale forest made of conifers and beeches. At the end of the trail, jump back on the paved route reaching Ponte Antoi dam: admire its huge dimension an observe the lake and the river from this perspective.

Fun fact: during the dam construction, a “strange stone” was found by one young worker, Umberto Brancaleone. The boy, coming from Agordo, headquarter of a famous mining school, bought it back home, riding on its bicycle for 160 km with that heavy treasure on its rucksack. Well, he had had the right intuition, since that strange stone actually was a meteorite, one of the biggest ever found in Italy!

Pass the dam and in a few minutes you will reach the tourist office, where to begin your visit to the Old Val Cellina road and admire the breathtaking canyon formed by the erosive river action.  Usually, it is open on Sunday from May to October, and every day in August: for more information click here. Walking around the old Val Cellina road you can even test your guts: walk over the canyon on a Tibetan bridge, 55 meters long, and enjoy a breathtaking view being suspended over the river! Do not forget the smartphone for a thrilling selfie! From the tourist office walk along the road that brings you back to the village, staying on the pedestrian path along the lakefront: you will find pic-nic areas and some info panels before reaching Barcis small towns.

And if you can not get enough of these incredible views, we suggest you another easy trail, that starts right behind the Tourist Office: it’s the panoramic Dint trail, 3,7 km long, surrounded by beeches and hazel trees.

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