A Park that never rests

Snowshoeing excursions in the silence of woods, along frozen rivers, observing the sharp profile of Val Cellina mountain tops or the distant and cloudy Carnic Alps; ice or rock-climbing and dry-tooling, conquering ice waterfalls with crampons and icepicks in Val Cimoliana  unspoilt depths… these are examples of the activities organized this winter by the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, all led by authorized mountain guides. Cross-country ski lovers will have the chance of skiing along  perfect, snow-clad and sunny slopes in Forni di Sopra (13-km long): both agonistic and easy trails are available, and they are all included in the Dolomiti Nordic Sky, the biggest international ski-slopes circuit in Europe.

Those looking for less adrenaline can opt for interesting and evocative geotrekking excursions, organized by the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park in the Vajont area, where the building of a dam provoked a terrible landslide coming from Mount Toc in 1963; more specifically, during the excursions participants will both walk on the dam and on the trails created by the landslide, with a guide that will explain the origins and the circumstances related to that notorious tragedy.

Furthermore, those who are less dynamic but still in search of emotions can take part to the night snowshoe walk in Piancavallo, through snowy woods and under a romantic full moon: it will be an easy though charming walk, ending with a buffet in Casera Capovilla. It will take place on March, 3rd, 2018

image credits: Luciano Gaudenzio

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