5 Reasons  not to visit Pordenone

Pordenone. We bet you have never heard of this Italian destination. We bet you would not be able to spot it on the Italian map; or to mention the 2 Unesco heritage sites in the area. Are we right? Let us tell you that Pordenone is not even known by Italian people, that mentally associate it with fog, boredom and grey sky. Are they right? Well, we are here to provide you with some info about Pordenone and its surroundings, fighting some prejudices Italian people have against this lovely town. So here is an ironic list of 5 reasons not to visit Pordenone.

PORDENONE DOES NOT EXIST : according to Italian people, Pordenone comes second in the list of places that “do not exist” (or, easily said, that nobody knows or nobody has visited) after Molise, a Southern Italian region. Let’s clarify and explain that Pordenone exists: its Province, located on the border with Veneto Region (only one hour far from Venice) has been created in 1968, and Pordenone first officially appears in a document of 1204 as an important trading village. The ancient Portus Naonis, the port on the river Noncello, was really active during the Middle Ages, thanks to its strategic position (the river was an important “road” connecting the coast and the Alps). Come have a walk around Pordenone old town, called “the painted city”: you will admire frescoed palaces, Augsburg coats of arms, elegant porches and Renaissance buildings.

Photo Credits: Promoturismo FVG

PORDENONE IS AN INDUSTRIAL AREA: Italians usually link Pordenone with industry, hard work, companies operating in different sectors. They do not know that this zone includes some wonderful pearls: can you keep a secret? ‘Cause we are going to provide you with a good list of hidden gems: Sacile, The Garden of Venice”, Spilimbergo, headquarter of one of the most prestigious Mosaic Schools in the whole world, 6  of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy;  Barcis and its emerald lake, the stunning Friulian Dolomites, and much more!

IT’S TOO FAR AWAY: 1 hour from Venice, 1 hour 20 minutes from Trieste, 2 hours from Ljubljana, 40 minutes from Treviso. What’s more: 3 airports in less than 1 hour –drive (Venice, Treviso and Trieste), and several, wonderful areas to be easily explored (Prosecco Road, Collio, Slovenia, Carso). We have the best accommodation options for your excursions: 3* and 4* Hotels, with convenient rates. Just Contact us!

NO TYPICAL FOOD AROUND: what do people eat in Pordenone? Well, first of all, people in Pordenone… drink! Sipping excellent wines, locally produced, without spending a fortune. The most common, produced in the Grave area, are the Friulano or the Ribolla. You will find here several wine bars, where the aperitivo represents a real “rite” for locals: a glass of wine with an appetizer is the best way to start your tour in Pordenone and surroundings! The region, located on the border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia, and being influenced by different cultures and traditions, has a complex, interesting cuisine: here, middle-european and eastern echoes mingle with Italian typical recipes. Local products are enhanced and served in every restaurant: the “pitina”, a local cold cut, the red onion, the Formadi Frant (cheese) have become protected Slow Food products, and acquired an “official” status. Let’s end our quick journey with two kings of Friulian cuisine: the “frico”, a cheese and potato pie, known by every Friulian family, and the San Daniele ham (well, San Daniele, the kingdom of raw ham, is only 40 minutes far from Pordenone!).

THERE’S NOTHING TO DO HERE: cultural visits are not really your thing? Exploring in a classical way seems too boring? Well, we can offer you some excellent alternatives! What about canyoning, winter sports (ski, snowshoeing, ice climbing), trekking, Nordic walking, phototrekking in the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, golf playing, mountain biking, adventure parks? If you prefer more relaxing activities, we can organize guided tours, wine estates’ visits, wine tasting, cooking classes, themed menus and much more!

 images credits@ Gaudenzio e Ciol – Promoturismo FVG

Photo Credits : Promoturismo FVG
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