Fiera della Musica: The Wailers + Boomdabash

Fiera della Musica is back! Born in 2000, with the aim of promoting music in all its forms, the Festival Fiera della Musica is back in Azzano Decimo, a few minutes from Pordenone, from July 27th to July 29th 2018.  The aim: to play music, experimenting with several genres, analyzing its aspects and its artistic and communicative influences. This is why Fiera della Musica never lets his fans down: do not miss The Wailers on July 27th!

  • JULY 27TH 2018 : THE WAILERS + BOOMDABASH Do we really need to tell you anything about The Wailers?  The band, led by the bass player and founder Aston Familyman Barret, and by the unforgettable frontman Bob Marley, who passed away in 1981, has sold over 250 milion albums, producing hits such as “One Love” and “I Shot the Sheriff”, and has been defined as one of the best bands of all time. The Wailers’ last work is “Unbreakable” that modernizes Roots Reggae and has been written with Alborosie. Another new reggae group will take the stage with these real legends: Boomdabash, an Italian band, characterized by an explosive mix of reggae, soul, drum&bass and hip-hop. Their last song “Non ti dico no”, is one of the hits of summer 2018 in Italy.
  • JULY 28TH 2018: MODENA CITY RAMBLERS The Modena City Ramblers define their sound as a “combat folk”, where echoes from Irish popular music mix with rock, punk and Balcanic rythms.  FREE ENTRY 
  • JULY 29TH 2018 : GIOVANNI LINDO FERRETTI  Giovanni Lindo Ferretti has been defined as the father of Italian punk-rock. Singer of the CCCP band, really popular in the Eighties, brilliant and creative, he sings about deep themes such as communist ideals, catholic faith, and philosophical musings.  FREE ENTRY

Come to Fiera della Musica and sleep in our hotels: the ticket is FREE! 

Yes, you got it right : choose one of our hotels and the ticket is FREE!  Contact us  to choose your preferred option (Agriturismo, B&B, Hotel 3* andHotel 4*), you will only pay your overnight stay and we will provide you with the tickets for the Wailers’ concert on July 27thRates starting from 46,50 € (per person per night in double room with breakfast – Hotel 3*). THE OFFER IS VALID UNTIL JULY 20TH 2018.

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