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Sexto ‘Nplugged : the coolest indie festival of summer 2018 is back! Hosted in the marvelous location of Sesto al Reghena, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” (Borghi più Belli d’Italia), Sexto ‘Nplugged represents a highly exclusive and experimental event. Here, music is deeply influenced by the evocative atmosphere of Sesto al Reghena Benedictine Abbey, and aims at respecting the spirit of the place: artists adapt their repertoire to the location, which in its turn, “merges” with them and amplifies the audience’s emotions. An unforgettable experience with some unique aspects: international artists, extraordinary performances and exclusive concerts.

  • JUNE 26TH 2018 : INTERPOL  Interpol  and their umistakable alternative rock will perform at Sexto with their last album “El Pintor”.
  • JULY 09TH 2018: MOGWAI  The members of Mogwai,  a band born in Glasgow in 1995, have been defined as true “post-rock pioneers”, with a 22 years-long career and a rich musical production. They will be back in Italy proposing their last album, defined by critics as their most entertaining creation.
  • JULY 15TH 2018 PANTHA DU PRINCE FT. BENDIK HK + SON LUX  Hendrik Weber,  composer, producer and successful conceptual artist, started his career as Pantha du Prince in 2002 with “Nowhere”. The Triad”,  his last album, is characterized by a typical German techno sound and by bells and carillons played by Bendik Kjeldsberg , performing with him at Sexto’Nplugged. Furthermore, Son Lux will perform the same night: this project, created in 2008 by Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bathia e Ian Chang, combines alt-pop with baroque sounds, and loves experimenting with “soundtrack-like” sounds.
  • AUGUST 07TH 2018 : RHYE  5 years after their first album “Woman” (2013),  whose first single “Open” reached 49 milioni streams on Spotify, Rhye are back to impress both fans and critics. The new album “Blood”,  has been conceived to be performed live: it is a mosaic of piano keys, percussions, synths and a high vocal extension.

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