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5 Reasons NOT to visit Pordenone


Pordenone. I bet you have never heard of this Italian destination. I bet you would not be able to spot it on the Italian map; or to mention the 2 Unesco heritage sites in the area; or to list the 6 Most Beautiful Villages of Italy located in Pordenone area. Am I right? Let me tell you that Pordenone is not even known by Italian people, that mentally associate it with fog, boredom and grey sky. Are they right?  …go to the story

 Peta, Petuccia and Pitina, 3 shrewd specialties never tamed.

In traditionally poor areas, such as the valleys located north of Pordenone, when a chamois or a roe deer was killed, or when a goat or a sheep got sick (and were too precious to be slaughtered), people had to find a way not to waste anything. This vital meat preservation need gave birth to the famous “pitina”, with the alternative versions “peta” and “petuccia”, that differed from the original recipe in different herbs or different dimensions (for example, peta was bigger than pitina)… go to the story

Reflections, trekking paths and Meteorites: walking around Barcis Lake.

The lake: its patience is stronger than its desire to reach the sea (Fabrizio Caramagna)

There is a fairytale location, surrounded by the Friulian Dolomites, located 40 minutes far from Pordenone, that bewitches all those walking along its shores: it’s Barcis lake, an environmental jewel with emerald reflections. This artificial lake, created in 1954, offers evocative glimpses in every season: from clear spring days; to warm summer afternoons, where to look for some relief from the heat, and why not? Have a refreshing bath; to autumn, where trees ‘colors play a major role; to winter snowfalls that make the landscape even more magical… go to the story


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